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Amazon 30th January Quiz Answers:

1. Which of the following is NOT a phrase in Spanish?

Answer – Buon Giorno

2. Which Bollywood film was added to the Guiness book for winning the highest number of awards?

Answer – Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

3. In the Harry Potter series, what is the name of the prison where Sirius Black was held captive?

Answer – Azkaban

4. Marvel is releasing its first movie with a female superhero lead in 2019. Which film is it?

Answer – Captain Marvel

5. The actor who played Thanos in Avengers, was also the villain in another Marvel movie. Which was it?

Answer – Cable in Deadpool 2

Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz Answer – 29th January

1. This actor died in 1984 and also starred in a movie named ‘1984’. Who is he?

Answer – Richard Burton

2. Which famous superhero movie quoted ‘With great power comes great responsibility’?

Answer – Spider-Man

3. If you are spotted eating this in Singapore, you will be fined. What is it?

Answer – Chewing Gum

4. A shrimp’s heart is located in it’s head.

Answer – True

5. What is the name of the museum in Croatia where one can find displays such as a memory jar, champagne bottle corks and a positive pregnancy test?

Answer – Museum of Broken Relationships

Amazon 28th January Quiz Answers:

1. Who is the first Indian-born actor to be on the cover of the US edition of Vogue magazine?

Answer – Priyanka Chopra

2. What were the soldiers who protected Roman emperors called?

Answer – Praetorian Guard

3. Which country considers the Unicorn their national animal?

Answer – Scotland

4. Sachin Tendulkar fielded for Pakistan once

Answer – True

5. At least one native species of ant is found on every continent, except?

Answer – Antartica

Amazon iPhone Xs Quiz Answers – 27th January

1, Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

Answer – True

2. Tatya Tonpe and Rani of Jhasi were associated with which of these freedom movements of India?

Answer –  Indian Rebellion of 1857

3. What is the name of the mountain region that separates France and Spain?

Answer – The Pyrenees

4. Stan Lee made his first appearance in a DC movie as an animated character. Which film was it?

Answer – Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

5. The famous ‘Hornbill festival’ is celebrated in which of the following states of India?

Answer – Nagaland

Amazon Special Edition Quiz Answers – 26th January 

1. Under British rule, Delhi only became the capital of India in 1911. Which city was India’s capital before this?

Answer – Calcutta (kolkata)

2. The ‘National Institution for Transforming India’ is a policy think tank of the Government of India, established with the aim to achieve sustainable development goals. By which other name is it know?

Answer – NITI Aayog

3. The first passenger train in India ran between Bombay (Mumbai) and ___ in 1853. Fill in the blanks.

Answer – Thane

4. The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world. As of 2019, how many articles does it have?

Answer – 449

5. In a historic accord, this year’s Republic Day parade has an all-women contingent marching at Rajpth. Which army unit do they belong to?

Answer – Asam Rifles

Amazon 25th January Quiz Answers

1. In the Lion King, ‘Rafiki’ is the name of which character?

Answer – The Monkey

2. Polysomnography is a type of study concerning which human activity?

Answer – Sleeping

3. Which country considers the Unicorn their national animal?

Answer  – Scotland

4. Lemurs are native to only one country on the planet. Which country is it?

Answer – Madagascar

5. In which year was the first hard disk with a gigabyte of space released?

Answer –  198

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